ZIBER ISPO with Team BileBomber

Stake your ADA with the Grafleck’s ZIBER stake pool on Team BileBomber to earn ZIBER tokens in the ZiberBugs ISPO.

ISPO Details

  • The program will run for 10 epochs, starting epoch 340
  • 10,000 ZIBER will be distributed each epoch until 100,000 ZIBER has been distributed
  • ZIBER will be distributed pro-rata to the delegators of all participating stake pools
  • It has not been determined how rewards will be distributed yet, but this could be DripDropz, Seal Pool Vending Machine, or SmartClaimz. Check back once your delegation has been set.

What is ZiberBugs?

  • ZiberBugs is a competitive autobattler, for hardcore gamers
  • ZiberBugs has an innovative, sustainable economic model to ensure long-term viability and earning potential
  • ZiberBugs uses gameplay concepts from Teamfight Tactics, the most popular competitive autobattler in the traditional video game world
  • You can find more information on our website at https://ziberbugs.io including our darkpaper
  • Here's a gameplay video

What is ZIBER?

ZIBER is the governance token for the game, required to purchase bugs in the marketplace, and to breed bugs (much like AXS in Axie Infinity). Ancestor bugs are initially sold with a value of 1000 ADA, but of course we expect that they will appreciate in value. There will only ever be 1,000 ancestor bugs.

Team BileBomber

ZIBER stake pool is teaming up with 5 other stake pools on Team BileBomber for the ZiberBugs ISPO - ADAR, CBH, GRSC, ARMN, ELIK and KAYA.

How to Delegating to ZIBER stake pool

  • Purchase your ADA
  • Move your ADA to an officially support Cardano wallet such as Eternl, Yoroi, or Daedalus
  • Find the 'Staking' or 'Delegation' section of the wallet
  • Search for ZIBER or our pool ID 61a8252b7fb1a2fde1bda9c6bd0927995701f799e7fac8227c61ab4e
  • Click on the 'Delegate' button and follow the instructions to submit the delegation transaction
  • That's it. It will then take 2 epochs for your delegation to switch to the ZIBER staking pool.

If you need help, try us on telegram and we can walk you through the process.